Valentine's Day In the Life of an Old Married Lady

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Another Valentines Day has come and gone, along with our 16th wedding anniversary. John and I were married 16 years ago on February 16th, crazy how fast time flies! Many moons ago these holidays brought about romantic dinners, bouquets of flowers and long handwritten letters. After 16 years and 3 kids we're lucky if we remember why we walked in the kitchen let alone to get each other Valentine's gifts.



Valentine's morning was nice, we had written love letters to our tribe and bought them each a small gift. In true Muller fashion, the outfit I ordered for Layne to wear to her school Valentine's party never arrived. We came up with a hand-me-down dress from a friend that was way too dressy for school but got her mind off said missing Valentine outfit. No worries though, the outfit arrived on the 15th. Lovely. Because everyone needs a Valentine's outfit on the day after Valentine's Day. But I digress, Layne went off to school in her gown and was happy so crisis averted. My boys were happy to get a small gift as well, a new guitar strap for my music man and a Chia pet for my oldest who is ridiculously hard to buy for.



John and I decided not to exchange gifts. When you've been married for 16 years that means you better buy me a gift but I'm not getting you one because I'll be too busy finding something for the kids. Lucky for John he's figured me out by now and surprised me with a beautiful card. I got the troops out the door and began my day. Eventually I headed off to Layne's Valentines party and then went to a romantic lunch with my girlfriends at Coney Island. Nothing says Valentine's Day like cheese fries. When I arrived home I had a flower delivery waiting. John knows me better than I thought. He obviously realized the surprise of my card would have worn off by lunch time and I'd be mentally plotting how to punish him for not buying me an actual gift. Apparently he likes clean underwear and food on the table because the flowers were beautiful. Well played John, well played.....



The tribe got home from school and our romantic night began, just me, John and our accountant. Yes, we got our taxes done on Valentine's Day. I'm not sure about you, but finding out you're getting money back is pretty damn romantic to me! After our taxes were filed we headed to the dance studio to pick up Layne. Of course we were running late so she'd been waiting with friends and was starving. Dinner time! Considering not only was it Valentine's Day but also Ash Wednesday we couldn't eat meat. No problem, cheese pizza is fast, easy and oh so romantic! By now I've received 85 texts from my boys who are dying of starvation. “Is tuna meat?”, “are you feeding us today?”, “can I have pop tarts for dinner?” No worries boys, pizza's on its way! We scarfed our pizza and headed out the door for church. What a day!



With 3 kids, tons of activities and everything that goes into being a productive adult this is our life, our Valentine's Day. Not picture perfect but perfectly us. One day in the not so distant future, John and I will sit across from each other at a candle lit restaurant and wish we were getting texts from our boys, racing to dance and had tiny humans depending on us. I try to remind myself that this time is fleeting, this is a short slice of life that will be gone before we know it. I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine Day because mine was perfect.


Photo Credit: Rena Laverty (Rena is our family photographer and dear friend! Thank you for capturing our crazy life Rena!)


Loveee!! You're doing such a

Loveee!! You're doing such a great job Krissy ❤
I'm so proud of you for taking such a leap and putting yourself out there! Keep it up girl, I'm like your biggest fan

Thank you!

Thank so much Shayna!! You might be my only fan! lol! You're the best!!!

That's my girl! You're a fine

That's my girl! You're a fine storyteller...with lots of hilarious subject matter!

Thank you!

Thank you!!

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